No Parking, No Problem: 10 Reasons We Love Tenleytown

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Away from the hustle and bustle of DC’s metro area, you’ll discover a place full of friendly neighborhood spots and community events.

Tenleytown’s borders extend to the north by Friendship Heights, reach the east by North Cleveland Park, and halt at the west by American University Park. It’s not huge, but within this small neighborhood, there’s plenty to love!

Read on for our top 10 reasons we love Tenleytown, DC.

1.You can ditch your car.

There are tons of restaurants and shopping within walking distance of your apartment. Couple that with great public transportation options—from the Tenleytown-AU Red Line to numerous Metrobus lines—and there’s no need for a car.

There’s really no place that’s out of reach when you live here, so living in a Tenleytown luxury apartment building sans parking? No problem. You’ll get to avoid the dreaded DC traffic and parking situations.

2. Green, green, everywhere!

Wherever you walk, you’ll find shady, tree-lined streets, well-maintained lawns, and gorgeous flowers. Throw in the historic Fort Reno Park, home to the highest peak in DC, and we’re in nature heaven.

3. There are great schools here.

No need to move out to the ‘burbs if you have kids—with a 7/10 Great Schools ranking and five schools, Tenleytown is a solid option.

Getting your Masters or Ph.D.? American University’s right next door, and they’re adding new facilities on site for the esteemed Washington College of Law. Moving here is one smart move—literally.

4. We enjoy an ever-changing restaurant scene…

District Taco’s coming. Tartufo just opened. There’s so much going on in Tenleytown’s restaurant scene! With so many Zagat-rated restaurants within walking distance, there’s no need to leave the neighborhood for great meals.

5. …and that crazy latte art at Coffee Nature.

How can you start your day without getting a Hello-Kitty-themed latte? Coffee Nature blends the line between barista and artist—it’s a staple neighborhood spot for a reason.

6. Kermit got his start here.

Due to our elevation, Tenleytown is home to several radio and tv stations. Kermit actually first performed in front of a camera right here at Tenleytown’s WRC/NBC Studio.

7. People here are super smart (and nice).

According to Neighborhood Scout stats, nearly 60% of adult residents in Tenleytown have earned a Masters, Medical, Ph.D., or law degree. But they’re more than just smart—Tenleytown residents are pretty well-known for being friendly.

8. Politics and Prose.

Hey, Politics and Prose might not be exactly located in Tenleytown–but we love it enough to pretend. Somehow, this little bookstore and coffeehouse manages to bring in some of the world’s best authors. With a jam-packed events calendar and friendly staff, Politics and Prose has built a dedicated community of book lovers from Tenleytown, Chevy Chase, and beyond.

9. We have the only full-service music store in DC.

At Middle C Music, you can purchase instruments and music and learn how to play. This full-service community music store has been around for 13 years, and it’s been named one of the world’s Top 100 Musical Instrument and Product Retailers by the National Association of Music Merchants for three years in a row. Oh, and did we mention the fact that the owner’s super nice?

10. We actually use our library.

The new Tenley-Friendship Library isn’t just for looks—plenty of Tenleytown residents head here on a weekly basis. Kids enjoy the Afterschool Lounge (where they can hang out with friends and play games) or join the Lego Construction Crew. Adult residents appreciate events tailored for them—whether they need time to relax and read, or want to join a club to sharpen their writing skills. It’s no wonder this is one of the most-used libraries in the DC area.

We could go on—but we’d love for you to discover what you love about Tenleytown for yourself. If you’re currently looking for a luxury apartment to rent in one of DC’s best neighborhoods, get in touch with us today!

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