Top Three Picks for Pizza in Tenleytown

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pizza in tenleytown

We’ve covered the best coffee, yummiest burgers, and tastiest sushi in Tenleytown.

Now, it’s time to tackle a subject we’re almost afraid to take sides on: pizza restaurants in Tenleytown. Depending on who you ask, you might get a lecture on what pizza actually is, or get into a heated (no pun intended) debate about whether thin pizza crusts veer too far into flatbread territory. We’re not going that deep. When choosing the following candidates, we adhered to two requirements: no “fast-food-national-chain pizza,” and only pizza joints in Tenleytown, DC.

Ladies and gents, here are the spots to snag a pie in Tenleytown, ranked from fancy to fast. How would you rank Tenleytown pizza spots? Share in the comments!

Top Pick For a Fancy Pie: Tenley Bar and Grill

4611 41st St NW, Washington, DC 20016

A bar isn’t usually the first place we look for pizza, but Tenley Bar and Grill gets theirs right. Choose from three solid brick oven toasted creations with a thin crust and made from Italy-sourced ingredients: Pizza Margherita, Pizza Capricciosa, and Pizza Norcina. The Pizza Norcina will knock your socks off with flavor—smoked prosciutto, mushrooms, Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, rosemary, and white truffle oil flavors play very well together. Wash everything down with a refreshing craft brew, and you have a very satisfying meal. Pro tip: don’t try ordering pizza before 3 pm. They’ll just cancel it.

Best Pizza for a Study Break: Angelico Pizzeria

4529 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

This popular American University student hangout has been around forever. They offer flavorful, big slices of pizza. Don’t expect to find anything over-the-top here. It’s a great spot to grab a bite post work or to break up a long study session. Like other Italian eateries in the area, Angelico’s Pizzeria also offers a solid selection of pasta, wraps, calzones, and bonus—lavash rolls. Several of the options are whole wheat, and they offer a decent selection of fresh salads, a bonus for those of us still hanging in there with our New Year’s Eve dieting resolutions.

Rumor has it you can use AU Eagle Bucks here (but don’t take our word for it).

The Spot for a Cheap Basic Pie: Pizza Boli’s Uptown

4903 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

Pizza Boli’s started in Baltimore and is now in other East Coast locales, but it’s not national. The Pizza Boli’s Uptown in Tenleytown sounds classier than your average Pizza Boli’s, doesn’t it?

Well, not really. They offer salads, onion rings, pasta, overstuffed subs, wings, stromboli, and even ice cream. You could eat here for a year and never really get bored. OK, you might. (On second thought, once you read the Yelp reviews,  you’ll probably want to stick to the basics.)

Pizza Boli’s gets props for the cheap price—perfect for a night when you’re craving a basic slice. Is this the place you would go on a fancy date or if you wanted fresh arugula and hand cut pepperonis? Nope.


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