Get Involved and Help Out with D.C. Volunteer Opportunities

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Get Involved and Help Out with D.C. Volunteer Opportunities

One of the best ways to engage in your community is to get involved in a volunteer program. There are countless ways that you can devote your energy and time where it’s needed in your neighborhood. Active participation in a community program is also an excellent way to meet new friends and neighbors in D.C. And of course, nothing beats that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve helped others around you succeed and reach their goals. There are plenty of D.C. volunteer opportunities all around you; here are some of the most fun and exciting ones:

Provide Healthy Food Services

Martha’s Table
2114 14th St NW

Martha’s Table is a an organization that has provided educational access, food programs, and family support to the DC region for over 35 years. They host a broad range of traditional community service programs including Healthy Start, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Connections Programs. Volunteering with Martha’s Table allows DC residents to connect with their fellow neighbors and with the broader community. This is a great way to create immediate change and to be part of the solution around you.

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Teach the English Language

Washington English Center
2200 California St., NW

As a city full of ambassadors, international diplomats, and multi-nationals, there are many families and individuals in D.C. who need to learn English. A simple, no-stress way to help out the local D.C. community is to volunteer to teach English lessons. This provides a fun and easy way to provide community members with skills that are immediately useful. An easy way to help out is through the Washington English Center. They provide many opportunities for volunteers to teach English to low-income adult immigrants in the D.C. area.

Other volunteer reviewers on Yelp say that the Washington English Center has one of the friendliest, most organized, and well-staffed volunteer teams in the area. Awesome!

DC Volunteer Opportunities Involving Pets

Another great way to volunteer is to help out with the pet and animal rescue scene in DC. There’s nothing better than helping care for cute, fluffy puppies and kittens and helping them find a new home. Animal rescue has become an important aspect of the pet world in the past few years, and is being recognized as a more meaningful way for people to obtain pets than buying from breeders.

For DC volunteer opportunities involving lovable, adorable pets, check out pet shops like PetMAC, which always need a helping hand. You can also inquire with larger institutions such as Friendship Hospital For Animals; this might also be a great way to gain experience for a veterinary career path.

Get Involved and Help Out with D.C. Volunteer Opportunities


Get CPR Certification and Emergency Preparedness Training

Being prepared for an emergency situation is one of the ways to maintain a spirit of volunteerism year-round, no matter where you go. Being CPR and emergency preparedness-certified can help open doors to tons of other volunteer (and career) opportunities, as well. The city of DC offers free CPR, First Aid, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) courses over the summers through the DC Be Ready classes. There are a few sessions left this summer; if you miss them, you can always catch them the following summer season!

It’s always a great feeling to help people without asking for anything in return. That’s probably the best thing about these DC volunteer opportunities: the internal reward of knowing that you’ve done something meaningful, no matter how seemingly small the task.

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