Cats vs. Dogs: What’s the Best Apartment Pet?

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Best Apartment Pet

In the U.S., the stats for households owning dogs vs. cats are pretty close: 36.5% to 30.4%.

While dogs may edge out the competition, it’s always a tough decision when you’re moving into a pet-friendly DC apartment. Unless, that is, you’re strictly a dog or cat person. In that case, get out there and adopt one! There’s nothing better than sharing the holiday season with a furry buddy.

Still on the fence about whether cats or dogs make the best apartment pets? Here are the pros and cons for both.


The Case for Dogs as Best Apartment Pets

Before we start, let’s just say three things: first, make sure you’re not allergic to dogs before you adopt (you’d be surprised how often pets are returned to shelters on this basis). Secondly, ensure your DC apartment allows pets. If you’re moving into Tenley View, you’re in luck! Note: most apartment buildings have breed restrictions.

Now, on to business.

Dogs Make Exercise More Fun

Now, before you reference videos about exercising with cats, remember that dogs can go on runs with you outside. Unless you own a very special cat, that’s something you won’t be able to share with your feline friend. If you’re an avid runner and you enjoy having some companionship while you’re out and about, a dog is a great pick.

Dogs Can Make You More Social

Every time you’re outside your apartment, there’s likely an opportunity to make new friends when you’re with your dog. For one thing, dogs are conversation starters. You’ll be setting up doggy playdates and making new friends in no time. If that sounds attractive, a dog could be the right option for you!

Dogs Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

According to a recent Harvard Health study, dog owners may see a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, enjoy a more active lifestyle, and stress less. Bow wow!


The Case for Cats as Best Apartment Pets

About 1.3 million cats are adopted every year in the U.S. And for good reason–cats are lower maintenance than dogs, they adapt well to apartment life, and they also lower stress levels. Here are some other reasons you might need a cat in your life.

Cats Require Little Exercise

No, litter boxes aren’t the most pleasant home decor items. However, this is your ticket to staying in bed as late as you wish on Saturday morning–your cat can take care of its own business. No need to walk or take them out to go potty.

If you tend to work (or sleep) long hours, a cat might be the best option for you! Just come home and pull out the laser toy.

Cats are Quiet

Well, generally speaking. There are some pretty vocal cats out there (Siamese kitties, we’re looking at you). Whereas a dog could bark his head off the entire time you’re at work, giving your neighbors headaches, you won’t have to worry about Mr. Kitty getting too loud.

Cat Owners are Smart

It’s true! A 2014 study by Carroll University in Wisconsin showed a connection between intelligence and cat ownership. Now, we don’t know whether the chicken came before the egg–er, whether your intelligence increases because of that cat, or if you’re smart before you got it.. But either way, it’s a pretty cool stat.


What does the war of cats and dogs boil down to?

Your lifestyle.

If you like to be outside, enjoy meeting new people, and want to get more exercise–a dog is probably the best bet. If you’d rather stay inside and curl up with a good book, and you’re more on the introverted side, a cat could be the best option.

In the end, adopting a pet is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Another great decision? Moving into a pet-friendly apartment in Tenleytown, D.C. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or request a tour today!

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